Arates Schooling Center has Opened in Vayots Dzor

img_20180908_135232A schooling center has opened in Arates, VayotsDzor province in Armenia, with a solemn opening ceremony at the initiative of Yerevan “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” Educational Complex.

The Schooling Center will provide students and teachers with not only camping accommodations in the vicinity of nature, but it will also help to make a close contact with the historical-cultural heritage.

There, we can see Arates Monastery (10-13th centuries), Holy Zion (10thcentury), ST.Mary (11th century), cross-stones of the 10-16th centuries and many other historical values.


The former Azerbaijani-populated area of ​​Arates, since 1990 has been provided to “MkhitarSebastatsi” Educational Complex for the construction of a schooling center.

Thanks to the regular visits, cleaning and repairing works done carried out by the students, teachers and groups of specialists, Arates has now become more improved and fit for living. The village houses are being repaired and reconstructed and the whole village is turning into a camp.

The reconstruction of the monastery of Arates is included in the of the school in nature. In order to reproduce the original appearance of the monastery, the architects Samvel Ayvazyan, Amiran Badishyan, Manushak Titanyan conducted research in the 90s. The restoration, however, has not been implemented due to the lack of funds.


Today the drafts have been publicized with presentations. Architect Samvel Ayvazyan presented the works in detail and underscored the unprecedented architectural solution which made it possible to save a large area within the monastery and avoid large pillars.

Arates also has a tent camp for educational, sportive and various types of gatherings. There will be a studio for experienced and beginner architects.

There will also be a three-day military-sportive training camp beginning on September 14, in which students from the Educomplex and Yeghegis School will participate. And the September 21, the Educomplex traditional day of conquering summits, will be held just in Arates. The students of the Educomplex Country Studies Club with their teens from Yeghegis will be the participants.


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