Military Sports Camp in the Schooling Center Arates

DSCN9929The High School students of the “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” Educomplex and also the students of senior classes from the villages of Karaglukh, Taratumb, Aghnjadzor, Goghtanik, Hermon and Yeghegis came to Arates Schooling Center on September 14 to take part in the military sports camp.


The participants have been divided into platoons and are living on field conditions on a special routine: getting up, performing spiritual songs, having meals, jogging along the Yeghegis George, sports trainings: archery, shooting, fencing. Performing military songs and the national anthem is also included in the routine of the day.  Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Armen Davtyan also conducts row trainings.



Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Development of RA Davit Gevorgyan, Deputy Minister of Defence Gabriel Balayan, representative of the Ministry of SE Arthur Karapetyan, the head of enlarged Yeghegus community Arthur Stepanyan, head of the Department of Education of Vayots Dzor Arpiar Ghazaryan, directors of schools have come to Arates to see the camp conditions and discuss some issues of future collaboration. The importance and advantages of the camp were discussed during the meeting. The socializing role of the camp for teenagers was especially highlighted so that they can be ready for their future army life. The guests were shown the participants’ readiness for row training. Then, Ashot Bleyan, the Director of “Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educomplex”, and the guests walked around the territory of the schooling center. He told the guests about improvement and restoration works done in the territory and the works still to be done. The houses are already ready to receive guests and camp participants. The Educomplex director especially highlighted the importance of having a military sports base in the area where the camp participants will be able to shoot and overcome obstacles. Mr. Bleyan also showed the territories intended for arts, observatory, laboratories and for other educational programs. Painting easels, placed in the arts area, are ready to meet the learners. The guests had brought a professional telescope for the observatory and a globe for Geography trainings.


Written by Arusyak Hokhikyan

The English translation by Yura Ganjalyan

Photos by Smbat Petrosyan

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